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A family cooperage

A cooperage is not just one person, it is several people, all working together in the same spirit.

La Tonnellerie CHASSIN was created in 2005 by Stéphane Chassin and his wife Patricia Chassin. After 26 years in the industry (including 15 years as production site managers), their passion for the business naturally led them to set up their own company.

2005: Move to a small premises in Givry.

2007: Relocation to Rully

In 2022: Construction of the cooperage in Beaune.

With his wealth of experience and passion for the business, Stéphane is always hard at work. Always attentive to the needs of his customers, he’s on hand every day to toast the barrels. From the very beginning of the cooperage, he has insisted on the importance of the quality of the toasting as one of the essential processes of the cooper’s craft. For Stéphane, it’s the subtlety, and the length and the intensity, of the toasting that gives the barrel its unique character and, above all, gives the wine its personality. The toasting is systematically performed by Stéphane himself and Florian, his son, whom he has trained to master this crucial step in the process.

Florian began working with his parents at the cooperage as soon as it was founded, and is involved in every stage of production. He has mastered the art of toasting the Chassin way, a highly important stage making the company’s expert crafted barrels.

Patricia CHASSIN takes care of the cooperage’s administration and management with the same high standards as her husband Stéphane.
Their daughter, Rachel, began working in the cooperage in 2011, and is now in charge of marketing, customer care and production planning. By tasting the wines, she gathers the information needed to customize the barrels.

Introducing Must, loyal companion to the family and the team.